What to do if Your Ex is Parenting Differently Than You

My wife and I noticed immediately how differently her teenage daughter behaves and treats us when she returns from a visit with her father.  Oftentimes she is rude, abrasive, and immediately begins to complain about how our rules are stupid and how we are controlling her life.  And why shouldn't she when her father has no rules.  He shows up a couple of times a year to buy her favorite treats and give her gifts or money.  Such is the case for so many parents whose children go to another parent's home for visitation.  Some parents get similar behaviors from their children when they just go to a grandparent's home when discipline is handled differently.  This is one of the frustrating challenges of the modern society... everyone doesn't parent the same.  The times have changed and the ownership falls on the engaged parent to react in certain ways to the annoying behaviors we get when our child returns from a visit.  Download my READY-TO-PRINT article HERE as a handout to share with others.  It offers 5 things you can begin doing immediately.


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