She Can Text Like Crazy, But Can't Converse One-on-One

I began my latest TV show with the top 10 definitions of a teenager.  One of them went something like, “Someone who can figure out the latest electronic gadget but can’t make his bed.”  While my studio audience thought it was a riot, it doesn’t wander far from the truth.  Our kids and teens have a tremendous technical skills and a huge appetite for TV, video and the Internet screens.  We parents have got to step up to the plate and create more balance in our children’s lives to keep them becoming absorbed into too much technology.

There’s a great article on titled, “5Ways to Help Kids Find Balance,” and it serves as a good reminder for parents to come up with other activities for our kids to get involved in.  Like most parents, I would cringe at the thought of hearing the, “I’m Bored,” statement from my kids.”  I can understand why some parents feel the need to just let them be plugged into a video screen because it gives us a break and gives us emotional space to get done what we need to get done.

The article mentions taking measures to find “Off-Line Time” for our kids and that is so important.  One device that I’ve found that is incredibly effective for managing how much screen time your child or teen has is the visual timer "On-Task, On-Time.  Traditional audible timers just don’t work with kids and if you’ve ever been to one of my workshops ( then you’ve seen me demo visual timers and them share how well they work.  Children have great difficulty in experiencing the passing of time waiting for a bell to go off, but when using one of these visual timers, you will gain so much more cooperation from the kids.  Check out these incredibly timers on Amazon now.
On-Task On-Time For Kids

Here’s an item your kids may choose over the video screen more

often than you might think; the trampoline.  Because there have been too many injuries reported on the use of this item, many stores are only selling those with safety features.  On Amazon, you’ll find this state of the art trampoline that includes galvanized steel legs to reduce the chances of it tipping over and the extra padding and safety nets that surround the entire frame are designed to keep your kids safe.  Check this item out on Amazon just in time for the warmer weather to get your kids outside.
Ultega 10-Foot Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

And to give children an indoor option to blow off some steam, Amazon sells smaller trampolines just big enough for one child.  The best part about these models is that they come with handles for the child to hang on to and not fall off.  One of the best things you can do for your kids is to give them the opportunity to exercise and become more active.  Check out this affordable Safe Bounce Trampoline from the Original Toy Company.

Safe Bounce Trampoline

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