Facts You Might Not Know About Your Child

Kids are kids and there are certain facts about kids that parents must first accept.  I want you to compare this to thinking about specific things about you. Let’s say you are a reader, you like to shop, you like to talk, or that you just like to watch TV a lot. These things about you aren’t likely to change. It’s just the way you are. In fact when we get into a relationship with somebody, we want them to understand that this is what I do and this is who I am and this is the way life is. I expect you to honor and respect me for who I am and work around that. 

We all have peculiar things we like to do or characteristics about us that we don’t really want others to try and change.  Now, let me compare this to children. Because there are certain things about our children that just are. One little-know fact is that they live only in the moment and they have no time management skills.  That presents a problem for us because we need to get “stuff” done.  We’ll say, “Let’s GO, we’ve got to get out of the house NOW”, especially if you’re dealing with an ADHD child, or a child with other disorders.  How can you possibly get out on time or get them to do their homework on time?

Most kids live only in the moment, especially young ones. Whatever is in front of them, the activity they are participating in, is the ONLY thing that exists. And YOU have the audacity to walk up to them and tell them to stop doing something or turn off their video game. There are things that you as a parent need them to do and it drives you crazy because they’re looking at you like “Why?!”  or “How dare you ask me to do something else right now.”

Little children can only focus on what is in front of them. You are operating on a totally different level than they are and often it’s because you have your mind chatter going a thousand miles a minute. That voice is telling you, “I’ve got to do this, go there, do that, make lunches, stop at the store,” and on and on.  Your child however, has no mind chatter about other things. The only thing going on in their head is what’s going on in front of them at that moment and nothing else.

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