I was paddled and I turned out OK

spanking texas school paddling taylor santos punishment consequenceThat’s the quote from members of the Texas legislature as reported in a recent story released by ABC News.  It’s also a statement I have heard a zillion times from those questioning my parenting methodology that offers parents alternatives to spanking.  To those people I say, “That’s great that you turned out OK, but why not take measures so our kids turn out awesome, not just OK like you?”  These measures I’m referring to suggest removing the paddle from the parent (or teacher) toolbox.

Rethinking Homework: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs

school work homework student paper assignment pen and paperIn the story in which members of the Texas legislature were quoted (link here), a high school girl was paddled for allowing another student to copy her school work.  This female student chose to be paddled over a detention because she did not want to miss any classes.  The primary reason that it made the news was because, although her parents supported the punishment, they did not like the fact that she was spanked by a male school official.  Apparently, the school had a policy that officials were required to spank same-gender students.

school paddling spanking punishment homework teacher principalIt is hard to believe that spanking in schools is still legal in 19 states.  Besides the fact that hitting is not OK in my book, the consequence of getting spanked for the girl’s school violation just doesn’t make sense.  It would seem to me that a more appropriate discipline measure would have been for her to take a hit on the grade of the assignment she was sharing with the other student.  Spanking or paddling does nothing but represent an antiquated form of punishment from times gone by.  It uses fear as motivation and allows those in authority to demonstrate power over others.

I’d like to hear your opinion on this topic or the news story, so consider leaving a comment.

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