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Eight Tips for Raising "Terrific Twos" Bully-Proof!

If you’re seeing instances of your child getting pushed around by other children, does this mean that he may easily fall victim to bullies in the play yard? If it is your child doing the pushing and hitting, could she become the bully in later years? Experts agree that the traits children demonstrate during the “terrific two” period (18 months to 6 years) reveal some of the characteristics the child could possess as they grow up. Adults have the power to change some of the social interaction traits they see in their children with simple techniques for these formative years. Visual schedules for young children.  See them at:  SchKIDules 1. Provide good examples Be sure that conflict resolution in relationships the child is exposed to, are healthy and positive examples she can learn from. The adults in a child's life are living, breathing models. It’s OK for adults to have respectful disagreements with other adults in front of the children, just be sure they see the follow u

Secrets for Getting Teens to Help Out More

Have you ever seen or experienced this scenario: you (or another parent) arrive home from a grocery shopping trip and walk in with arms full of over stuffed bags. You see your older kids intently focused on a video game or a television show and shout out, "Please give me a hand and bring in some grocery bags from the car." Your plea for help seems to fall on deaf ears and if you are successful at getting any of them to move, they drag themselves out to the car and walk in with one bag, place it on the table, and return to the video screen. Resentment then rises from the pit of your stomach because of all the things you do for them (like buy them video games or 42" plasma screens to watch them on) and you storm into the room where they are playing and either use the guilt parenting tool or you shut off the screen and yell (or just walk out).  Want to change that scenario from playing out any further? Read this FAMILY GOES STRONG blog post with helpful tips for getting bet