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Rosemond Advises Locking a Toddler in His Room!

Bill Corbett's Parenting Blog Visit For a moment, imagine not taking your trash out for days and weeks on end.  Other than the smell, flies and other insects that might begin to collect, what other problems might you encounter?  Well, let’s say you have a dog.  There is a very good chance that one new problem might be that your dog begins to eat from the trash.  So you decide to respond to this new problem by punishing your dog.  This approach might very well fix the problem of your dog eating from the trash but I think most reasonable people might ask you why you aren’t responding to the root of the problem by taking out the trash instead of treating the poor dog unfairly.  The dog is only responding naturally to the conditions of his environment. That’s how I compare family psychologist John Rosemond’s recent column offering advice to a parent of a 2-year-old.  A parent asked him for advice on what to do when her toddler screams no a