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How to Raise the Resiliency in Your Child

The world is filled with people who become angry, toxic and vengeful when something bad happens to them (lose their job, money or a loved one, become divorced, etc.).  They become fixated on blaming others for their setback and strike out to hurt others to get revenge.  It can then take them an enormous amount of time to recover and get back on their feet. Resilient people however, recover quickly.  They are able to heal emotionally faster and then become focused on what was their own part in the problem, how THEY can fix the problem and what THEY can do going forward to minimize the chances that this problem will reoccur.  Resilient people are less likely to hurt others or to find blame outside of themselves. I believe that the majority of effective parents want to raise resilient children who will grow up to become resilient adults.  If you would like to join this group of parents, this article offers some suggestions on what your specific tasks are in raising a resilient ch