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When a step son veers off the path

An angel of a step mom of two teenage kids reached out to me for help with the oldest, a boy.  She reported to me that his bio-mom's past ineffective parenting created enormous problems for the boy, and his new family.  He seems to have given up with his school work, he became addicted to entertainment media, and he doesn't care about life in general.  This step mom was also concerned that his behavior may have negative influence on his 13 year old bio sister and his new, younger, half siblings.  Here is my response to her: First of all, keep in mind that his grades and his school performance belong to him, not you. Unfortunately, if he chooses a path of destruction in school, there is not a lot you can do about it.  Forcing him to study or punishing him won't work.  If he is getting psychotherapy treatment, then you are doing all you can for him for now. There is the risk that he will screw it all up and end up having to go the route that I have seen many go... having to