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Creating Cooperative Kids Television

In 2011, I will reach another milestone in my pursuit to help parents everywhere. On January 24 th I will make a dream a reality by launching the CREATING COOPERATIVE KIDS television show in front of a live studio audience. Moving my workshops and presentations from the school auditorium or stage, to parent’s living rooms will enable me to reach more parents and more families. This one-hour program will have a talk show feel to it, featuring guest experts, parents with both questions and successes, and an opportunity for me to demonstrate step-by-step techniques for making positive changes at home. Here is a commercial for the show to tell you more about it and a preview of the open to the show. So where will it air? You can bring it to your community by calling your local public access station (not public television) and telling them that you want to sponsor this new show. It won’t cost you or your PA station a cent. Each month I will provide them with a DVD with the most current