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How to Coach a Teen to Drive Safely

Image courtesy of and pakorn Our youngest turned 16 this year and before too long, she’ll be driving.  We already have a used car parked in our driveway that will be getting a tune up, new tires and a full inspection.  We didn’t pay much for it and I wouldn’t trust it on long trips, but it will become her transportation to get her to school and to work and back.  And each day she leaves the driveway, my wife and I will cross our fingers and say a few prayers, even though she has older brothers who set out on this same journey ahead of her. One reason for our parental worry is what we learned from a Reid Hollister recent guest who appeared on my parenting television show at the Enfield Cox studios.  Tim Hollister of Connecticut lost his 17-year-old son Reid in a driving accident in 2006.  Since that tragic incident, Mr. Hollister wrote the book “Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving.”  Visit Mr. Hollister’s Website, http://www.F