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7 Things Every Child of Divorce Needs

PARENTS WHO LISTEN MORE AND SPEAK LESS . A child's emotions, thoughts, and behavior may be unstable during this difficult time. They need to be able to express how they feel without their emotions begin stuffed. Some of the things they say may be difficult for the parent to hear, so don't dismiss or minimize what is said or how they feel. REGULAR ACCESS TO GRANDPARENTS . Relationships with your extended family may be difficult for you, but the kids still need them. Determine what access grandparents and other extended family members will have to your children and remain open to the fact that these adults can be very helpful during this difficult time. It can often times be easier for children to express their feelings to grandparents and others. PARENTS WILLING TO TAKE A PARENTING CLASS . I'm not talking about the inexpensive divorce class that most states require all divorcing parents to go through, I'm talking about a multi-session parenting class in which pa

Stop Waiting for Permission to be the Best Parent Ever

Did someone in your past hurt you to the point where you can't let go? Were you abused as a child by a parent, guardian, or another adult? Or perhaps you were mistreated as a young adult and you're still waiting for that person to apologize for what they did?  You are a beautiful, talented, and precious individual who is responsible for raising a child or teen, and they need you here and now—100%. But it’s very possible that past experiences may be holding you back from living your dreams and being fully present for them. There’s also a chance you’re never going to get the apology you've needed for so long. So what do you do about it? Give yourself the permission you've been waiting for to be the wonderful person—and parent—you were intended to be.  Inspired by her own experience of writing the letter of apology she knew she was never going to get, author Valerie Utton wrote, Letters of Apology: How to Stop Waiting for Permission to Be the Wonderful Person You