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Parents Have Lost Their Spines and Kids Are Ruling the Roost!

That's what one adult wrote in an online forum about the condition of parenting today, that "parents have lost their spine and kids now rule the roost." He went on to say, "The world is falling apart and it's all starting in the home. Gone are the days when parents were in charge and children knew their place. Parents no longer get the respect they deserve and kids aren't made to show it. What happened to the good 'ole days when parents had spines and kids behaved? The world didn't need parent educators back then; parents knew what to do and they did it." He's right that parenting has changed and to those who don't understand why, it probably does appear as if the world revolves around the child now. I don't agree that it really does, but I will agree that we do treat children differently these days then our parents and grandparents did. As in anything that requires developing skills, parenting requires new skills and knowledge th