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The Hunger Games for 12 Year Olds!? Give Me a Break!

Parents need to be aware of a book series targeted toward  teens that is growing in popularity.  The first one in that series is called The Hunger Games and children, tweens, and young teens are asking for it with excitement.  The story involves a reality TV show where 24 teens are turned loose and must kill each other off trying to be the last one to survive.  The killers use the most primitive weapons available to maim and kill each other.  Violence is the number one issue with this book series.  You may want read it yourself first before deciding to allow your children to read it.  You can purchase it here: The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set According to the watchdog Web site Common Sense, their reviewers have decided that children as young as 12 can read this book series and I completely disagree.  In my opinion, Common Sense Media has lost its common sense.  Although there is little or no sex and drugs in these books, my issue is that the intense level of violence

She Can Text Like Crazy, But Can't Converse One-on-One

I began my latest TV show with the top 10 definitions of a teenager.  One of them went something like, “Someone who can figure out the latest electronic gadget but can’t make his bed.”  While my studio audience thought it was a riot, it doesn’t wander far from the truth.  Our kids and teens have a tremendous technical skills and a huge appetite for TV, video and the Internet screens.  We parents have got to step up to the plate and create more balance in our children’s lives to keep them becoming absorbed into too much technology. There’s a great article on titled, “5Ways to Help Kids Find Balance,” and it serves as a good reminder for parents to come up with other activities for our kids to get involved in.  Like most parents, I would cringe at the thought of hearing the, “I’m Bored,” statement from my kids.”  I can understand why some parents feel the need to just let them be plugged into a video screen because it gives us a break and gives us emotional space

How to Read Aloud to Young Children

My TV show Creating Cooperative Kids is very close to hitting the 100 station airing mark and may also soon be international.  Today, a TV station in New Zealand downloaded an episode for review.  I'm currently putting together the 12th episode that will be taped on March 19th and one of my segments will feature two amazing women who wrote the book HELP ME GET READY TO READ.   If I had written a book on helping children to read in the first five years, this is the book I would have published.  Susan and Barbara put together this practical guide using reading aloud techniques in a way that is sure to motivate most young children into wanting to read.  You're going to want to get your own copy of this book and can purchase it by using the link above to Amazon.  If you're in the Hartford, CT area and want to attend a taping of my show for free, go to and sign up.  You can also watch past episodes there as well.  Learn more about Cooperative Kids a