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3 Powerful Things Community Managers Can Do for Their Senior Residents

My wife and I are a community manager couple and truly enjoy the work we do to make our community a wonderful place to live. Together we do all we can to make this a warm and loving home for our residents and it's easy to do because it's our home too. Here are 3 things we do with purpose to make our community feel like home. THE SMILE . We each make time everyday to get away from our computers and get out into the community to be with our residents. It was so important for us to learn their names so that we can call them by name every time we see them. In that interaction, we try and find something that they care most about and ask them about it, whether it's their grandchildren, a new grandbaby, their pet or a recent checkup at the hospital. One thing we never forgot to do in that interaction before Covid-19 is to smile. It's the one thing that can make all the difference in human interaction. It's a gift that we can give another person that doesn't cost a thin